Stranger Things Party Pack

Stranger Things Party Pack

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In one download you’ll get everything you need from snack and decoration ideas to the nuts and bolts of pulling off your own bingewatch lock-in.


This party pack is designed to help you make an outreach event out of the highly popular (and much anticipated) hit Netfilx series "Stranger Things". Inside you will find a philosophical outline and schedule for the event, legal stuff, snack ideas, a screen game, decoration tips, stuff to post on your social media for advertisement, devotional ideas, and much more. Take advantage of this opportunity and throw a party like your youth ministry has never done before.

This Resource Includes:
• Party Pack Guide
• "Scrambled Things" Game
• Social Media Promos
• Printable Decorations


Kyle Creel

Next Generation Pastor, Content Creator, Podcast Co-Host, and All Around Nerd