Stranger Scenes

Stranger Scenes

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A 4-week small group series on some of the strange scenes found in the Bible.


The Bible has some stories that can be best described as strange. However, even in the strangest of stories there are some principles that we all can apply to our lives. Stranger Scenes is a four-week small group Bible study on four of the strangest scenes of the Bible.

Week 1 - Joshua and the Deceptive Strangers (Joshua 9)
Week 2 - Half-Trusting King and Missed Opportunities (2 Kings 13:14-25)
Week 3 - Four Lepers and the Good News (2 Kings 7)
Week 4 - The King That Ate Grass (Daniel 4)

This Resource Includes:
• Overview Guide
• 4 Small Group Leader Guides
• Slide Graphic


Frank Gil