Stories of Scripture Part One - Creation to Patriarchs and Matriarchs

Stories of Scripture Part One - Creation to Patriarchs and Matriarchs

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Part one of an adapted social media devotion designed as a panoramic view of God's story of salvation beginning with Genesis.


Editor's note: "Fantastic top to bottom. I especially love the approach of a panoramic overview of the story of God intersecting with our stories. This is a technique used by many in reaching people groups who have no familiarity with Scripture. I've been doing a similar approach this year in our youth group - teaching a chronological story of Scripture. I do this because I realize our students are increasingly an unreached people group. They have familiarity with the idea of the Bible and Jesus. They have some familiarity with the iconography and historical cultural cachet of Christianity. But it doesn't have the light of the Gospel at all. That's why I love this product. It's super well written and very well designed. But it's also exactly what's needed for a generation for whom the truth of God and the Gospel is covered in a thick fog of ambiguity."

Journey with your students through the Book of Genesis in the first part of this Instagram Story-based series with 10 devotionals. Help your students engage with God's overarching plan for salvation and better understand the narrative of the Bible. This series highlights the origins of Jesus' ministry and makes relevant connections to our world today.

You can use this resource in several ways! Read the devotions live, or recorded on your Instagram Story, or distribute the manuscripts to other leaders/students to record themselves and mix things up. 

You can also simply distribute the booklet and post the Instagram graphics to remind students what that day's lesson was about. The devotions can be distributed through email or copies to your Instagram story. They also work as stand-alone lessons when you're in pinch!  

This Resource Includes: 

  • Devotional manuscript - 5 for Creation, 5 for Patriarchs & Matriarchs (Word file) and booklet (Word file)
  • Graphics package (jpeg files) - 10 Instagram Story Images for each of the two sets, a title and blank Story image for each, and main title graphics


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Feel free to get more people involved by distributing responsibilities for reading the devotion on Instagram. Students might get tired of hearing the same voices, and it easy to have others prerecord a video to share.