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An easy, adaptable, plug-and-play Advent devotional designed to leverage your social media presence and engage as many students as possible. 


Editor's note: The entire resource is very well done. The written devotionals are impressive. Excellent writing and construction. So much value included.

This is an Instagram Story-based Advent Devotional sourced from the Book of Isaiah. It easily adapts for different uses. Included in this resource are 20 written devotionals that can be read on your Instagram story plus graphics for each topic. The written devotionals are in one complete document that can be printed or emailed as a stand-alone booklet.

You can use this resource in several ways! Read the devotions live OR recorded on your Instagram story OR distribute the manuscripts to other leaders/students to record themselves and mix things up. 

You can also simply distribute the booklet and post the Instagram graphics to remind students what that day's lesson was about. The devotions can be distributed through email too. No reading online necessary. 

These devotions are top-notch, following the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. All illustrations are easy to understand and from a variety of topics.

This Resource Includes: 

  • How to use this resource document (Word file)
  • Complete 20 devotional booklet (Word file)
  • 80 graphics for your Instagram Stories (jpeg files)

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About this Product
Feel free to get more people involved by distributing responsibilities for reading the devotion on Instagram. Students might get tired of hearing the same voices, and it easy to have others prerecord a video to share.