Squad Goals

Squad Goals

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3-week series on friendship, family and God in your squad!


Saddleback Church High School Pastor Josh Griffin taught this super popular series at the start of Fall called Squad Goals. The focus was on key relationships in the lives of teenagers.

Week 1 – Friendship Goals
You’ve got people that you've never met (strangers) people you kind of know (acquaintances) people in your circle (friends) and people in your inner circle (squad). This week we covered 3 ways to be a great squad member, called How to Build a Great Squad.

Week 2 – Family Goals
Many of your friends will come and go over the course of your teenage years. The best part is we get to choose them! But FAMILIES, on the other hand … you don’t get a choice in your family. You’re stuck with the cards you've been dealt. How can you bring peace to your family?

Week 3 – God Squad Goals
God is with us – all of the time. He’s in our squad, right with us all of the time. But let me ask you a more difficult take on this: If God is truly in your squad, if He was truly in your Instagram pictures … would it change you?

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This Resource Includes:
• Three message manuscripts
• Title and Blank Content graphic


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