Speed Gaming

Speed Gaming

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You've heard of Speed Dating. Well, imagine your students paired up and in two large circles, a ton of board games, and a timer. That's Speed Gaming and it's so much fun!!


What youth pastor doesn’t want their students to treat each other like one big family?! And a family that plays together, stays together. Using many well-known games from childhood (and other really random ones), this is a great game for most group sizes that will help (or force) students to interact with each other.  

You will need one game for every two people participating, so your group size will determine how many games you need. Pick your favorite games from our list, or add any other type of one-on-one game you can come up with. The more creative the better. Feel free to double or triple up on a couple of games as well. 
Setup and Game Play Instructions:
•    Set out the games in a circle or square. The order of the games doesn't matter that much, but I recommend mixing up the types of games so each round is different for the participants.  
•    When choosing your own games, it's important that they are simple enough and well-known enough that pretty much anyone can pick them up and play without specific instruction. 
•    Split your group into two teams: an inside-the-circle team and an outside-the-circle team. 
•    Have the inside team find a game to play, and then have the outside team partner up with the inside team at a game.  
•    Once everyone has a partner, have them introduce themselves, set a timer for one minute, and play!
•    As soon as the minute is up, the teams will rotate. Instruct them to leave the games and not reset them. The next players will start where the previous players left off. 
•    Have the inside team rotate clockwise and the outside team rotate counterclockwise. 
•    Have each new pair introduce themselves, reset the timer for one minute, and play again.  

This Resource Includes:

  • Sidekick file
  • Complete game instructions (PDF)

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I found a lot of game supplies in our Children's Ministry and purchased a few games at Five Below.
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Todd Pearage

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