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A six-week small group study on the Christmas story


One of the most amazing things about the Christian faith is that God became human.

We want to make sure our students grasp that vital theological concept and understand the radical implications it has on the life of the people it affected when it was happening as well as their own lives today!

This small group series, Son of God, Son of Man, helps students understand just how radical the event was and really grasp what was going on.

Each lesson includes (1) an activity to help open up the talk, (2) questions that help students get a hold of what is being discussed, and (3) the main point to make sure students understand the idea being presented.

Use these to help your students really "see" the Christmas story in a new light. The focus is that students see that the point of Jesus coming was so that they could be adopted into the family of God!

Lesson 01: The Crazy Promise Luke 1:5-25

Lesson 02: A Teenage Mother Luke 1:26-38

Lesson 03: Sing It Out Luke 1:39-56

Lesson 04: The Party Before the Party Luke 1:57-80

Lesson 05: Son of God Son of Man Luke 2:1-7

Lesson 06: Christmas Carols Luke 2:8-20

This Resource Includes: 

  • Series introduction
  • Six individual small group lessons (editable Word files). These are detailed outlines (not a word-for-word teaching script)



Ronald Long

Middle School Pastor in Texas and Co-Host of The Middle School Ministry Podcast in the DYM Network