Social Distancing Postcards

Social Distancing Postcards

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Keep your connections strong during this season of shelter-in-place through snail mail with these chuckle-worthy postcards.


Doug's note: This is my love-language! I absolutely think this type of resource should CRUSH. A postcard is a double-win: parents see/read it (win #1), the teenager loves it (win #2). Use these people!

Stay connected with the students and volunteers in your ministry with a good laugh from afar. These postcards are sure to encourage a smile while reaching out and letting them know that you’re all in it together.

There are six themed postcards fitting during this season of social distancing. Five cards are intended to connect with students, and one is directed to your volunteers to let them know that they are "essential"!

Images are ready for submission to a professional printer, (cost is approximately 50cents/card) or, in-house printing with guides for paper cutters.

This Resource Includes:
• Postcard images (jpeg and pdf files)
- 2m "Hi!" & 6ft "Hi"
- Paper Airplane Notes
- Virtual Connections
- Bare Necessities Cartoon
- "Missing You" Carrier Pigeon
- "We think you're essential" Volunteer Appreciation


Rebecca Luciak