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An amazing 3-week SUPER series on the Garden of Eden—unfortunately, choices don’t disappear as easily as Snapchat


[Note from DYM Founders: “This is exactly what we hoped for when we started DYM… we are so proud to release this to you! It is so good… so detailed… and so filled with extras that will make you look great.”]

"SnapThat” is a three-week look at The Garden of Eden and how sin changes our relationships. “SnapThat" is an intentional play on words and reference to the popular messaging app called “Snapchat." Snapchat has been in the news quite a bit as the source of all kinds of inappropriate photos and messages. Part of the allure of the app is that you can send a picture or message to someone and it disappears after a few seconds. The big idea connected to this series is that the impact of our decisions doesn’t disappear quite so easily.

This resource includes:
  • 3 weeks of word-for-word sermons
  • 3 weeks worth of outlines
  • 3 small group discussion guides
  • A ton of great media and graphics
  • Game ideas
  • Teaser/promotional video for Facebook and Instagram
  • Stage design ideas
  • Music set lists
  • Series overview notes
  • A real live unicorn

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