Small Groups Nuts and Bolts

Small Groups Nuts and Bolts

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Over 40 small group resources!


Every Sunday (or other day you meet for small groups!), is game day. You need to lead at max capacity. This resource is a compilation of everything you need to lead a small group ministry.

Over 40 resources included in this package, including:
  • Adult Leader Manual - over 60 pages of helps!
  • Curriculum Map
  • Graded Curriculum Map
  • Adult Leader Application
  • Small Group Evaluation - for students to evaluate their group
  • Background Check Form
  • Letters to visitors, inactives, and many more
  • Teacher Development Self Evaluation
  • Leadership Meeting Training Schedules
  • Adult Leader Job Descriptions
  • Mandatory Volunteer Annual Questionnaire
  • And a LOT more...
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    Matt Lawson