Siri Says Emojis

Siri Says Emojis

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In this video-based game, Siri names an emoji & students must draw from memory.


This game will connect with students who are artistic because of its similar nature to a game like Pictionary. It will also resonate with teens based on the popularity of emojis.

The game leader will show students video clips of Siri naming various emojis. Then, the participants have 10-seconds to most accurately draw the emoji from memory. The drawing closest to real emoji wins the round. It’s very clever… uses Siri’s voice & Emoji’s.

Gameplay options:
• Have multiple participants compete against each other.
• Have two participants compete against each other.
• Have two teams compete against each other, with different team members drawing each round.
• Scrap the drawing altogether, and have participants, teams, or the entire group text what they believe is the correct emoji to the game leader.

Resource Includes:
• Individual (10 Q&A) video clips [mp4 files]
• Title slide (jpg file)


Grant Byrd

Seasoned (nice word for old) Youth Pastor of 39 years. Still in the trenches and sill loving It.

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