Sift 6 Week Worldview Series

Sift 6 Week Worldview Series

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This six-week worldview series uses 2 Peter and challenges students to sift everything using the Bible to uncover the truth.


Doug's note: DANG! So much work has gone into this series! What a gift this will be to youth workers--solid content in a user-friendly format. Wow!

This six-week worldview series using 2 Peter helps students learn to sift through our culture’s distorted version of reality to uncover the truth. Addressing commonly held beliefs of our day, it will challenge students to use the Bible as their sieve as they build their worldview. You will lead through this series in love, welcoming questions and doubts as students take steps to own their faith. You will also to encourage students to love others well, even as they disagree with their friends' conclusions. 

This is a worldview, theology, apologetics, and identity series wrapped into one, addressing hard-to-talk-about topics in a way that is both faithful to a high view of Scripture, but also with the winsomeness necessary to reach the lost. It also addresses many different specific worldviews, religions, and cults in a very gospel-centered way.

Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1: Intro To Sift
Why do we need to sift? How do we sift? What is a worldview and how am I forming mine? What is my identity found in? What is the importance of knowing theology?

Week 2: Live Your Truth
Truth doesn’t change with culture. How can we live by the Bible and not by our feelings and desires? We need to bring our feelings to Jesus for Him to interpret them. We don’t want to be “tossed by every wind of teaching.” 

Week 3: Sending Positive Vibes
New age beliefs have quickly snuck into our everyday language. Sending positive vibes is a placebo pill for those who don’t believe in God. Instead, we have the privilege of access to the power of prayer as God’s beloved children.

Week 4: To Hell With The Hustle
Culture tells us to hustle. Do whatever it takes to get the best grades or the highest achievements. Screens are robbing students of downtime and plaguing them with anxiety and depression. Jesus is calling us to margin and rhythms of renewal.

Week 5: Self Love
Self-love won’t necessarily fix the way we view ourselves. While Jesus is calling us to have margin and take care of the body He has given us, He is also calling us to self-forgetfulness, service, and self-denial. 

Week 6: Your Best Life Now
Addressing many different worldviews, cults, and brands of Christianity we look at how to sift essentials from non-essentials and the importance of knowing theology, backing your beliefs with the Bible, and not building a syncretistic worldview. 

Guess what? We're giving away Week 1 from this series absolutely free! Click here to download "Intro to Sift." 

This Resource Includes:

  • Series overview document (Word file)
  • Author video (mp4 file)
  • Complete message manuscript for each week (Word files)
  • PowerPoint presentation file for each week
  • Small group guide for each week (Word files)
  • Parent discussion guide and email template (Word file)
  • Student handout for Week 1 (Word file)
  • Graphics package with slides and for social media (jpeg files)


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If you want a grow-on-your-own resource that goes through the book of 2 Peter, check out my "Day & Night Devotional" in the DYM store. I use these with every series we do in my student ministry.
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Sabrina Hadro

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