Shark Tornado: The Game of Deadly Combos

Shark Tornado: The Game of Deadly Combos

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An on-screen party game that will get kids laughing.


Sharks! Tornados! Why not both? In this screen-based game, students will get to choose form 10 deadly combos, and whatever the combo challenge ends up being, they have to do it. From drawing a unicorn with a marker stuck to their forehead to understanding the danger of middle school boys with Axe body spray, your students will have a blast playing this screen-based party game.

This game breaks the mold for stereotypical screen-based games. This is not a trivia game, this is a party game that is not just fun playing, but you'll be entertained watching students play.

This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay instructions document (Word file)
• Intro video clip
• How-to-play video clip
• Combo menu video clip
• 10 Deadly Combo challenge video clips
(all video clips are mP4 files)


Sam Pettersen