Servant Photo Scavenger Hunt

Servant Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Typical photo scavenger hunt with a twist. It’s all about serving your community!


This is an awesome event/game that gets your students into the mindset of being a servant to your community in a fun way. It’s like a typical photo scavenger hunt but there’s a twist: instead of finding things, students do acts of service for people or business in your community. Your students will want to do this again I promise you!

This Resource Includes:
• Graphic (Jpg)
• Hand Out, which includes rules and tasks (Word)
• Explanation Guide (Word)

This came from a student who participated in the event. "My friends and I all participated as a team in a Servant Scavenger Hunt and we got to be Jesus to so many people in our community. This was a beautiful opportunity where the blessings that were meant for others, in turn, blessed us and filled our hearts. We realized how many people in our community need prayer and how a small act of kindness can affect someone majorly. There was only an hour and a half to complete the crazy tasks such as cleaning trash, putting away shopping carts and taking time to pray with others.. but it opened my eyes to how much good we can be doing all day long in order to glorify God. I thank the people who were on my team be-cause each of them had a different role and special gifts that overall made our team so awesome! You guys are amazing and exactly the people I want to surround myself with because I learn so much from you guys!


Jerrod Covert