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Looking to celebrate your seniors well? This bundle is perfect for you!


It's the end of the school year and time to celebrate the Seniors in your ministry! This bundle is created to help you be intentional with sending your students off to college. From a devotion to games, it has everything you need to help them end their time with meaning.

  • Adopt a Grad: The Adopt-a-Grad kit is a FULLY DEVELOPED start-to-finish resource for matching up each of your graduating High School Seniors with a person or family who will walk alongside them through their first year post-High School with prayer, encouragement, and the occasional care package. This kit does EVERYTHING for you except find adults who will participate. This is a no-brainer purchase. It’s so good, detailed, and it’s obvious the author put in dozens of hours to make this happen. Check it out.
  • College Courses: Real or Fake? - A surprising and hilarious screen game where students attempt to determine if the titles of college courses are real or fake.
  • Graduation Celebration Lunch: Graduation is an exciting season for seniors! One of the best things we can do is celebrate their accomplishments with food, family, friends, and an encouraging word from their pastor! This resource gives you everything you need to put on a luncheon for your students who are moving on to their next phase of life.
  • Next Student Devotional: NEXT student devotional was designed to give students an interactive, creative, and challenging tool to help them solidify their faith as they move into this NEXT stage of life.
  • The Baton: A “big church” one-off message ideal for grad weekend! Use this message the next time you are “in the box” for the adult weekend service. This lesson draws parallels between 2 Timothy 2:2 and the rules for a baton pass in a relay race to challenge parents, students and the church as a whole to see a faith be passed on from one phase of life or person to another.


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Derry Prenkert

Derry Prenkert

Derry is a 25+ year youth ministry veteran providing coaching, consulting, care, and content to starting, stuck, and struggling ministry leaders (primarily youth pastors).

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