Scripture ABC's

Scripture ABC's

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This resource offers a great way to help your students learn and memorize Scripture in an interactive way. This resource contains 26 different teachings!


Doug's note: This is outstanding! I'm going to turn this into a do-it-yourself/take-home tool for our students to better learn God's Word. So much work has been done on this... way to go Johnathan!

This is a resource that we've used time and time again to teach Scripture and help our students memorize Scripture. It has been most effective in middle school ministry but can also be useful with high schoolers. This resource contains 26 discussion-based teachings (we used it in a Sunday School environment) and an Amazon shopping list to create a booklet for each student to take home.

This Resource Includes:
• How to use document (Word file)
• Complete master content document (Word file)
• Amazon shopping list
• Professional graphics for title and each letter with the Scripture (jpeg files)


Becca Fleischer


Jonathan Baldwin