Scriptural Encouragement Transition Videos - 3 Pack

Scriptural Encouragement Transition Videos - 3 Pack

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Three videos highlighting encouragement from Scripture on related themes of beauty from ashes, hope, and God's reconciling work to use as transitional elements in your program or during your message. Ideal for Easter season themes, and usable any time of the year.


Use these tradition videos to engage your students in a visually compelling way and smoothly transition from high energy to listening to a speaker. The videos can also help you convey encouragement from God's Word during a message by delivering Scripture to students creatively.

These videos share similar themes that can be used any time of the year--drawing from Isaiah 61:1-3, Psalm 46:1-2, and Colossians 1--to celebrate God giving us beauty for ashes, His hope when everything feels hopeless, and His reconciliation through the cross.

This Resource Includes: 

  • Video featuring Isaiah 61 (1:05min, mp4)
  • Video featuring Psalm 46 (1:05min, mp4)
  • Video featuring Col 1 (0:38min, mp4) 



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