Screen of Lies Volume 1

Screen of Lies Volume 1

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Turn this Tonight Show game into a great screen game for students


Choose 2 contestants and show Player One (and the rest of the students) a crazy image on screen (provided). Player One will then choose whether he/she will describe the item to Player Two, or make up a lie about what’s on the screen. Player Two has to determine if Player One is telling the truth, or spouting lies! This is a great game to play when giving a message about lies, deceit, sin, or Jimmy Fallon. The best part is finding out who all your “good” liars are!

Added Bonus! Since you will probably only play 2-4 rounds, you can buy this once and play multiple times!

Based on the hit Tonight Show game, “Box of Lies

This resource includes:
• PowerPoint file
• Extra slide to make your own game if necessary
• How to Play instructions
• Tips and ideas for better gameplay
• All .jpg slides for easy integration

Note: You will need to plan ahead and find the ten objects listed (easy to find around your house and church) as well as a few blindfolds (You can use extra large tube socks.)

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Ken Leslie