School Devos

School Devos

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Speaking at a school club? Need a devo for a last-minute school chapel gig? These 15 minute messages are ready to go!


Editor's note: Excellent! SOLID messages that could be used anywhere.

Chapel speaker a no show? Get a text at midnight that a student signed you up to speak at a 7am school club... tomorrow? No sweat!

This resource includes 6 ready to go teaching manuscripts that will fit in a 15 minute time slot (approximately 950 - 1150 words each). Each message stands independently as a one-off. These can be used for school clubs, chapel assemblies, or even shorter youth group programming.

Topics covered:
•Ehud and Eglon
•Esther's Actions
•Moses and the Burning Bush
•Jacob and Esau

This Resource Includes:
• 6 Teaching Guides (approx. 950 - 1150 words each)
• Main Title graphic (shown)


Allison Williams