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The world is over! Jump into this apocalyptic video-driven active game where your students will have to team up and save their peers.


Doug's Note: This game is NEXT LEVEL. 

What is Scavenger?
The world is over! Jump into this apocalyptic video-driven active game where your students will have to team up and save their peers. 

Gameplay Rules:

Split the group into two teams (TEAM 1 & TEAM 2). 

A ‘scavenger’ is one volunteer from each team. Each team will have one “scavenger” up front each round. You can keep the same scavenger for the whole game or change scavengers after each round.

Before Round 1 can begin, you need to identify the SAFE ZONE. This could be a square taped off on the floor, a chair up front, or the entire stage. When a scavenger is in the SAFE ZONE, they are SAFE. 

You will pre-determine what items will be picked up by the scavengers each round. It could literally be anything. Examples: Bibles, pens, shoes, socks, hair ties, pennies, etc. The goal is to pick something that the scavenger will have to run and retrieve from his/her teammates in the crowd.

Teams will take turns going back and forth in this game. 
TEAM 1 will start with round 1. 
TEAM 2 will do round 2…& so on.
When a round begins, the blast door (shown in the timer video) will open up and the scavenger will run around the room gathering the required items each round. The scavenger must return to the SAFE ZONE before the blast door (shown in video) closes. If the door closes while they are outside of the SAFE ZONE, then all of the points that they retrieved are void; they get zero. 

** Important note**
As you can probably tell, this is a game of strategy (and your students should pick up on that pretty quick). In my experience, this has become one of my favorite youth ministry games because of how involved and competitive it is.

How long does this take to play? The sweet spot is 8-15 minutes. However, you can make it shorter by bending some of the rules, and easily make it longer if the group is loving it and time allowa!

This Resource Includes:

  • Overview document (Word file)
  • Script for game leader (Word file)
  • 4 Instructions slides (jpeg files)
  • 10+ rounds of gameplay videos (mp4 files)
  • 5 additional timers (mp4 files)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)



Note from Author

About this Product
I like limiting the scavengers to ONE ITEM at a time meaning, if the item is Bibles, they would have to leave the SAFE ZONE, run and grab ONE Bible, return it to the safe zone, and then continue to run back and forth collecting as many Bibles as possible. This rule is not required…but I do think it makes it more entertaining and requires less math in the end…which let’s be honest - is always a plus. This resource includes everything you need to make this game awesome!!

Brock Odell