Say Yes

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A 3-week series on what it means to fully surrender your life to God.


This is a jam-packed, full series with a ton of bells and whistles. Wow… this is so DYM.

In the American church, many Christians are content to say β€œyes” to God once and continue living their lives as they always have. But what does it mean to really say β€œyes” to God, day in and day out?

This three-part curriculum was used during a weekend discipleship retreat, but it can also work as a three-week message series.

Session 1: God is A Loving God
Session 2: God Wants to Work in Your Life
Session 3: We Can Change The World

This package includes:
● 3 Manuscripts (5,000+ words each)
● 3 small group discussion guides
● All artwork, logos, and opening & bumper videos
● Start to finish document including graphic ideas, budget planners, and more! (this is only included with the entire series price)


Jody Shelton