Romans in 5

Romans in 5

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Five Lessons from the book of Romans.


This resource contains 5 interactive Bible lessons from the book of Romans that are designed to connect with both followers of Jesus and those who have yet to follow Him.

In this series, students will learn about:
1) Sin and God's gift of eternal life
2) How to accept God's gift
3) Our continual struggle with sin
4) How we take on our new identity as a follower of Jesus
5) How we are continually transformed to be more like Jesus

Each lesson has some opportunity for dialog during the main teaching and small group questions for discussion time after the lesson.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete teaching content for each session—in a detailed outline format (3 pages worth) (Word files)
• Small group guides for each session (Word files)

If you’re already familiar with DYM’s typical sermon series—this is a little different—it’s less word-for-word format and more outline for teach it as a Bible Study approach. It’s very clear and will be easy for anyone to teach. It could be a great fit for a discipleship or Bible study group, or small group that is looking for some teaching content in addition to discussing questions.


Josh Mutter