Rhythms Prayer Journal for Students

Rhythms Prayer Journal for Students

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A 40-day prayer journal for students to work through.


Looking for a resource to get your students into the correct Rhythms? Rhythms prayer journal is a great resources for students! It contains 40 different entries that a student can go through. Each entry prompts the reader to journal, read a scripture, and pray. And each entry is different! Often time, students need a prompt or a guide to help them through spiritual disciplines. This is easy, fun, and relevant resource for your group! Go through it as a small group, or have each students do it by themselves!

One of our veteran DYM editors said, “ This is the best resource of this kind that I’ve seen on DYM.”

As with all reproducible resources, make as many as you want for your youth group. Includes 85 page designed PDF.


Alex Beaverson