Revelation: A Small Group Study For Students

Revelation: A Small Group Study For Students

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A 9-week study that will change your students' view and understanding of the book of Revelation.


Revelation is one of the most head-scratchingly wonderful books in the Bible. This study will lead students into an understanding and application of this amazing book. Dive into (at least) nine weeks of impactful, relevant discussion in a way that allows students to actually APPLY the book of Revelation to their lives!

"Intense and dense. Students will come away from this in-depth study with a deep appreciate for the richness of this incredible book.” —Justin Knowles

Editor’s note: This is a really good series. Nine weeks is a long time for a series, but since Revelation is so loaded with symbolism and mystery, it's necessary. Jerry did a great job dividing up the book and providing relevant commentary and questions. I could see myself using this as both a message series or I’d give it some teenagers to read on their own and then meet with them to discuss it. I like it a lot.

This Resource Includes: • Nine weeks of editable small-group studies in Word Doc format
• A promo graphic you can customize and share to spread the word about the study.


Jerry Varner

Been in student ministry for a quarter century (and counting!). If you're in it too, I'm your biggest fan. The longer I do this, the more passionate I am about helping, equipping, encouraging, and empowering those coming behind me.