Resolve 3-Week Series

Resolve 3-Week Series

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3-week series on Living for God...


Today, many Jesus loving, Bible quoting, youth group going students head to a strange new land called their "College years" (a land without parents, where students can do whatever they want) and they trade in the things of God for the things of the World. In the Old Testament, Daniel was in the same situation. He was in a strange new land without parents yet, he Resolved to continue to walk with the Lord. In this series, your students will discover what that Daniel did to be faithful in a foreign land. My hope is that this series will give students a goal, plan, and desire to live for God throughout junior high, high school and college.

This series explores Daniel 1:1-8:

  • Week 1: RESOLVE to honor God
  • Week 2: RESOLVE to be connected to others
  • Week 3: RESLVE to make God's Word your standard
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    Emmanuel Jimenez