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3-week teaching series on escaping the empty


Week 1: Running on Empty
This week Josh's talk was the series kickoff for Refuel, based on the new book from Doug Fields. The heart behind it was that we get caught in the game of comparison and the trap of doing and never live the life God intended, walking with Him refueled each day. This was the setup week to introduce the topic and invite everyone to join us for this journey - the next 2 weeks we will go super practical with the "how."

Week 2: Stop, Collaborate and Listen
Truth is, we're too busy and fill our lives with too much noise to hear God's voice! We talked through the story of Elijah and used a stoplight to describe the actions we need to take to create the opportunity for God to speak.

Week 3: Make a Connection
This was the big finale of the Refuel message series - week one was the intro, week two was stop and be quiet, and this week we went after practical ways to connect with God. We used passages from a few places in Scripture rather than a story like the past two weeks, and tried to encourage small steps forward in our faith. This weekend's message had tons of practical, simple ways to connect with God.

Doug Fields


Josh Griffin