Real Relationships

Real Relationships

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A 5-week series on how students can build authentic, life-long relationships with friends, family members, and significant others.


Editor's note: This series is well-written and provides biblical, relevant insight for students.

This flexible five-week series focuses on building real, life-long relationships. It is all based on loving one another just as God loves us. There is a week on what that love looks like in general, as well as weeks on friendship, family, dating, and forgiveness.

This series was created, delivered, and tweaked before submitting. Before creating this series, the idea was to do a sex and dating series. But then God made it clear to me that our students needed to first learn how to love one another through relationships in general. Our group consisted of 7th through 12th graders, and it quickly became one of the favorites.

Week 1 - Love
Week 2 - Family
Week 3 - Friends
Week 4 - Dating
Week 5 - Forgiveness

This Recourse Includes:
• Five Weeks of Teaching Guides (include different videos, story recommendations, etc)
• Series Graphic (editable link included for Canva users)
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Rob Bergfalk