Ready-Made Topical Resource Cards

Ready-Made Topical Resource Cards

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Resource cards to have available for students to get more information on topics relevant to your ministry.


Talk about a time-saver! Oh my! This is both helpful and awesome at the same time. This is the kind of resource that makes DYM so helpful for people.

Ready to print resource cards for your welcome desk or resource wall. Place these out any time you meet and let students grab them to get more information on important topics they may have interest in. Keep some in your office for a quick grab when needed.

Topics include:
- Baptism
- The Bible
- Following Jesus
- Purpose
- Parents
- Sharing your faith
- Spend time with God
- Anger
- Addiction
- Forgiveness
- Identity, Value, Worth

This Resource Includes:

  • 11 Print-ready cards (pdf files)
  • 22 Front and back print-ready images (jpeg files)
  • 22 Front and blank back 5x7 images for customization (jpeg files)
  • A Word document with all Bobby’s content for you to edit if you’d like.



Bobby Cooley