Racism and the Great Commission

Racism and the Great Commission

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This is a no-frills, straight-forward, one-off message examining how our calling as Christians cancels our desire to compare ourselves to others.


((DYM Editor’s note: This was a solid message, and not politically charged or slanted. Very well-written.))

Most people would not claim to be racist, but does our tendency to silently compare ourselves to others reveal the truth? The truth of the gospel, and specifically the Great Commission should lead us to break down those tendencies because we see and understand that we are all under the authority of Christ and that He has commanded all believers to bring the good news to all ethnicities. There's nothing fancy in this one-off message; just the truth of the gospel and Jesus' command to go and make disciples of ALL types of people.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscript (Word file)
• Small group questions (Word file)
• PowerPoint presentation file
• Reproducible handout (pdf file)


Matt Funk