Picture Puzzles 5-Game Bundle

Picture Puzzles 5-Game Bundle

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In this screen-based brain game bundle, students view a series of images and then guess the name, product, team, or show.


The screen game that requires some brain power is back with a full 5-game bundle! Your students will see a series of images that in some way combine to form a name, product, team, or phrase. Take a look at the sample images to really see how the game works! You’ll catch on right away—it’s very clever!

There are two separate formats for gameplay:

1. With Categories: Participants are shown a specific category with each question to aide them in solving the picture puzzle. Using categories makes the game easier and works great!

2. No Categories: This version is more difficult but works great as a game where small groups compete against other small groups, or “first to stand and shout the correct answer” format.

This Resource Includes 5 complete games (Volumes 1,2,3 + Christmas & Bible editions), each with:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file for each format (categories and no-categories)
  • Individual game (+ instructions) slides for each format (jpeg files)
  • Title and background slide (jpeg file)

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Don't be surprised if certain students are better at this than others. If there are one or two dominating every round, "mute" them for a couple of rounds to let others play.
Derry Prenkert

Derry Prenkert

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