Phone-Friendly Small Group Games

Phone-Friendly Small Group Games

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A set of four games that are sized nicely for your phone. Create laughter and memories with your group. The games are "Say What," "Shapes," "Share the Rainbow," and "Yea or Nay."


Here is a set of four games that you can play with your small group that are all formatted to fit your phone. Some are simply fun games to create laughter, others are to help your small group begin to get to know one another. Leaders can send these games to their students if they think it will be helpful for them to stay engaged.

A game with 12 images, each with a discussion question. You simply show your group the picture and as a group, come up with your own captions. The funnier the better. There is a leading question to help get your students’ creativity flowing.

The goal is to recreate the shape that is either announced or shown. When you are ready to begin the game, call out the shape, draw it on a whiteboard, or send the image to the group on their phone. Give them a time limit to recreate the shape. This is a great game for an active small group.

Grab an individual bag of Skittles for each member of your group. This game is more discussion in nature. It is great to play when you trying to get to know each other as a group or to just take a break from the seriousness your group has been living in as of late. There's nothing better than chatting over a bag of rainbow fruit flavors.

This is a rapid-fire game. The leader quickly reads the question. After each question, the student responds by holding up the corresponding "yea" or "nay" spoon and shouts out their answer.

This Resource Includes:

  • How to use this resource document (Word file)
  • Leader Intros document (Word file)
  • Individual jpeg files for each game
  • Complete pdf file for each game


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Consider texting the jpeg files to your group one at a time. This will help them better understand what is going on during the group while you keep the rest of the game a mystery.

Janelle Prenkert

I have been serving in youth ministry for a long time in both volunteer and staff roles. Small groups have always been a passion of mine. From leading my own group to coordinating and training small group leaders, I love watching God work. I have been fortunate to come alongside my husband Derry Prenkert in ministry all of those years.