Pastoral Care Toolbox

Pastoral Care Toolbox

GOLD MEMBERS: A collection of pastoral care tips to minister to people in difficult circumstances.
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Note: Allison Williams taught a breakout at NYWC 2019 called your "Pastoral Care Toolbox." We decided to take her notes from that breakout and make them available free to DYM Gold members (which anyone can hop into free right now as a gift to you in this season). We hope her experience and wisdom will be a helpful guide in caring for your community.

Bad situations are the great equalizer in all of our lives. Pastoring people through difficult seasons is critical if you want to have longevity in your ministry. If you invest in solid personal care in your ministry and church, your leadership will trust you (you’ve walked hard roads), you will have higher student retention rates, and you will have trust and buy-in from parents and volunteers. When people are in dark seasons, they often look to the people that love Jesus for a glimpse of His love.

This resource is an extremely practical collection of pastoral care tips, recommendations for emergency room visits, a glossary of medical terms, and examples of empathetic words you can use to get you started in writing handwritten notes on a variety of occasions.

• Pastoral Care Tips: The essential handbook for caring for people in difficult times. Hospital visitation guidelines, conversation cues, and a wealth of other tips from a veteran.
Medical Terms Glossary: If you didn’t go to med school, you won’t know some of the lingo you’ll hear when you make hospital visits or talk to families going through medical crises. Keep this document on your phone for quick reference.
Build Your Own Emergency Room Bag: Recommendations for things to keep on hand for ER visits, including helpful links to some of her favorite affordable items. Add your own links and favorite items, and you’ve got a shopping list in hand to become an instant pro at ER visits!
Encouraging Notes: Examples to get you started in writing a handwritten note for lots of different occasions. If you’ve ever said, “I never know what to write in these things,” you're covered. Adapt these examples to fit the situation, and you’re good to go.

This Resource Includes:
• Pastoral Care Tips (PDF)
• Medical Terms Glossary (PDF)
• Build Your Own Emergency Room Bag (Word file)
• Encouraging Notes (Word file)


Allison Williams