Parent Ministry: When Not to Say No to Your Teen

Parent Ministry: When Not to Say No to Your Teen

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A worksheet about times to say yes to your teenager.
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It’s interesting how many questions our kids ask when they’re young. As they become teens, they slowly stop asking, but just because your teens aren’t asking you questions doesn’t mean they don’t have them. There are certain things every teenager needs. Answers to their most pressing questions are among them. And they’re trying to figure out whether you’ll answer.

No doubt the teenage years can be tough, but with a little wisdom and a ton of patience, you can navigate these years well, connect more deeply with your teens, and send them out of the house with confidence—especially if you always answer “yes” when your teens ask these 5 questions.

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How to use:

  1. Attach the one page to your next parent newsletter
  2. Print and have available at your next parent meeting
  3. Create a resource hub in your space for grab and go parent resources
  4. Create a monthly “parent equipping” (separate from newsletter) video explaining how to use the one page.
  5. Give to students to bring home to parents

This Resource Includes:

  • PDF Worksheet (2 pgs)
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