Parent Ministry: Stop Trying to Have a Perfect Christmas

Parent Ministry: Stop Trying to Have a Perfect Christmas

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A worksheet about the pressure or expectation to "be cool" with your kids.
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By and large, we take our cue on how to celebrate Christmas from the culture around us. Probably the most important way that Christmas has become commercialized is through instilling in us all the things that make for a "perfect Christmas." Watch any Christmas special, and I guarantee you that a major plotline will revolve around someone "ruining Christmas" for a group of people. We feel such pressure to get it right and have the perfect experience for ourselves or for our children. 

But nothing could be further from the true Christian understanding of what Christmas is about. This worksheet will explore what it might look like to stop trying to have a perfect Christmas.

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How to use:

  1. Attach the one page to your next parent newsletter

  2. Print and have available at your next parent meeting

  3. Create a resource hub in your space for grab and go parent resources

  4. Create a monthly “parent equipping” (separate from newsletter) video explaining how to use the one page.

  5. Give to students to bring home to parents

This Resource Includes:

  • PDF Worksheet (2 pgs)
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