Parent Ministry: Dealing with Parent Guilt and Regret

Parent Ministry: Dealing with Parent Guilt and Regret

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How do we handle parent guilt or regret? A worksheet for parents who are hard on themselves.
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Have you ever said or done something to your kids in the moment and then hours later felt guilty for what you said, or what you did? What do we do when we have parent guilt or regret?

While guilt and regret have a lot of negative effects, I would argue that they can be used in ways that bring positive change. 

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How to use:

  1. Attach the one page to your next parent newsletter
  2. Print and have available at your next parent meeting
  3. Create a resource hub in your space for grab and go parent resources
  4. Create a monthly “parent equipping” (separate from newsletter) video explaining how to use the one page.
  5. Give to students to bring home to parents

This Resource Includes:

  • PDF Worksheet (2 pgs)
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