Over Under or WAY Under: Game + Countdown

Over Under or WAY Under: Game + Countdown

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Welcome to "Over, Under, or WAY Under!" Guess the percentage and vote if it's over, under, or way under. Earn points for correct guesses!
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Welcome to the game ""Over, Under, or WAY Under!""

Get the whole crowd involved and guessing with this simple game! Here's how it works: one person will act as the guesser, bravely guessing an answer to the question given. Everyone else will have the opportunity to vote whether they think the real answer is ""over"" (thumbs up), ""under"" (thumbs down), or go all out with ""way under"" (two thumbs down)!

The stakes are high! If you guess correctly, you earn one point. However, if you choose ""way under"" and if the real answer is 20% lower than what the guesser said, you earn double points! But be warned, if the real answer is only slightly lower than the guesser's answer, you won't earn any points!
For example: if the guesser says 60% and the real answer is 40%, that is considered ""way under""

This resource comes with everything you might need: animated video slides, static game slides, and PowerPoint file.


This Resource Includes:

  • Complete Powerpoint game file (jpg slides)
  • Individual (15 Q&A + instructions) video files (mp4)
  • Individual (15 Q&A + instructions) static game slides (jpg)
  • How-to-use PDF
  • 5-Min Video Countdown with Timer (mp4)
  • 5-Min Video Countdown without Timer (mp4)
  • Title Slide (jpg file)


Note from Author

About this Product
This game was created with YOU in mind! Customize how you play to best fit your group. You can change the guesser for each round or keep it the same. You can use it as an all-play, upfront, or simply use the countdown! The choice is yours!