Old Test-Emoji

Old Test-Emoji

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Beach. Man and woman. Snake. Apple. Skull. Can you name the Old Testament story told by these emojis?


Old Test-Emoji is a screen-based game that will test your student’s emoticon translation skills. Students are shown a series of emoticons and guess which Old Testament story it describes! Great both as an up-front game with a few contestants or an all-play game with a few teams. A fun stand-alone game, or paired with a message on one of the ten stories in the game: 

- Adam and Eve 
- Jonah 
- The 10 Commandments 
- Moses & the Burning Bush 
- Noah’s Ark 
- Balaam the talking donkey 
- Samson & Delilah 
- King Saul & David 
- Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego 
- The 10 Plagues 

This Resource Includes:
• Motion Intro Video
• 10 Gameplay slides (1920px x 1080px)


Ken Mcintyre