Odd Man Out Game

Odd Man Out Game

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Teams of 4 attempt to identify which of the five items doesn’t belong.


Teams of 4 attempt to identify which of the five items doesn’t belong.

How to Play:
Beforehand, print and cut out the Category Cards and keep them in order. (Imagine yourself as the host of an old game show—holding a mic in one hand and a stack of cards (with the questions and answers) in the other.)

Choose two teams of 4 and have them line up facing each other. They must “buzz in” to answer. (First one to slap your hand, ring a bell, hit the buzzer from the board game Catchphrase.)

As the host reads the category off the top of the first Category Card, the category slide goes up on the screen. The host then reads the list of 5 items (also on the Category Card).

As soon as any player thinks he or she knows the answer, he or she buzzes in. That contestant has one attempt to identify the item that does NOT belong in the category. If he/she is incorrect, the opposing team gets one chance to steal by naming the item that does not belong.

When a team guesses correctly, they can choose one person from the other team to be eliminated. Buh-byeeeee!

Play continues until one team is completely eliminated!

The final round (if they make it that far) is called “Is it Dwayne?” For this round, show each of the slides in order (instead of reading the list of names from the Category Card), once all five slides have been shown, the player to buzz in and answer correctly, wins.

This Resource Includes:
• 35 jpeg files (Title slide, 11 Q&A sets, a few extra ‘facts’ which to support the answer slides)
• Printable Category Cards (pdf)
• Title video (mp4 file)
• PowerPoint File