New Year Old Wisdom

New Year Old Wisdom

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A one-off message for the new year about applying the timeless wisdom of Proverbs.


Editor's note: A solid, well-written one-off message that works for New Year's or could be adjusted for any time throughout the year.

For many students, when they hear the word "wisdom" they picture an old man with a white beard or one of the characters from Star Wars or Dr. Strange. The reality is that wisdom is rooted in the character of God. It is also very practical and has huge benefits for our lives today. Wisdom is seeing life clearly through the lens of Scripture. 

In this one-off message for the new year, students will learn to see their lives through a new lens by looking at the old wisdom from Proverbs. They will be challenged to pursue wisdom in their relationships, with their time and in their words. Students will be encouraged to ask this one big question when making choices this year: "Is it the wise thing to do?"

Primary Scripture: Proverbs 1:1-3 and Proverbs 2:1-12

This Resource Includes: 

  • Complete message manuscript 
  • Small Group Guide
  • Title Slide
  • Background graphic
  • Header graphic
  • Intro bumper video
  • Social Media graphics (square and stories)
  • Closing video with reflection questions
  • Worship Guide outline with blanks

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About this Product
This 1-off message works well at the beginning of the new calendar year or school year but can be adapted to use any time during the year.

Jamie Willis