New Test-Emoji Game

New Test-Emoji Game

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As students see a series of emoticons, they must decipher the a New Testament Bible story being described.


Emojis are a primary form of communication these days…so why not have some fun with them? New Test-Emoji is a screen-based game that will test your student’s emoticon translation skills. This game can fit anywhere in your group’s calendar, but may fit especially well if you’re teaching on one of the 10 stories noted in the game:

1. The Prodigal Son
2. Nativity Scene
3. Jesus Walks on Water
4. When Paul Preaches forever and the guy falls out the window.
5. The Day of Pentecost
6. The Ascension of Christ
7. The Parable of the Lost Sheep
8. The Story of Zacchaeus
9. Jesus Feeds the 5000
10. The Coin in the Fish’s Mouth

Here’s how the game works: Students are shown a series of emoticons that describe a Bible story. They have to guess which story is being described.

This resource includes:

    • JPEG Slides (1920px x 1080px)
    o Title Slide
    o 10 gameplay slides
    • Video Intro
    • PowerPoint File
    • A word document outlining multiple ways to play the game

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Ken Mcintyre