Name That Nineties

Name That Nineties

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This Powerpoint-based screen game will test your students’ knowledge of the greatest decade of all time--the 1990s.


This screen game shows students a set of three pictures form events that happened during a single year in the 1990s. They will have to decide which year the set of events occurred. From pop culture to world events, this game is full on tons of memories!

Because you and your group of leaders lived through the 1990s, this game is perfect for showing funny old pictures of your adult team, or introducing them to the students.

This game can be used to spark discussions on the fleeting nature of life, using time wisely, or the future impact of the decisions students make today.

This game includes:

-   Complete PowerPoint game file (also includes a Keynote file, if it’s what you use for your presentation software.)
-   All individual game slide images (jpeg files)
-   An instruction sheet with optional ways to play
-   A script to identify what each picture represents
-   A great intro video (.mp4 file)

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Ken Leslie