Name That National Anthem

Name That National Anthem

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Play a national anthem and guess the counrty!


You know that feeling when you are cruisin' the highway listening to the national anthem on repeat with the windows down in your Toyota Yaris?

No? Just me?

Well the rest of you communists better step up your game and start appreciating this great land we call America. And don't you dare bring up the fact that Toyota is not an American manufacturer. There's nothing more American than remembering that World War enemies usually end up being decent trade partners.

So with that settled...I now present to you: Name that National Anthem Game.

This game was created for two reasons and two reasons only:
  • 1. To cultivate a mutual respect of all nationalities and cultures.
  • 2. To remind everyone how much better our national anthem is. Sound good? That's what I thought. HOW IT WORKS:

    This game consists of 12 multiple choice slides and 12 matching audio clips of different national anthems from countries all around the world. Listen to the anthem and select which country you think it is from. It's easy to play, and easy to love. Hope you enjoy it!

    FYI: You might be wondering if it is easy to guess because of the lyrics/language in the songs. All the audio files are instrumental versions of the national anthems played by an orchestra. This makes the game much more exciting and challenging.
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    David Hughes