Name that Kazooed Christmas Jam

Name that Kazooed Christmas Jam

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Guess the Christmas song played by a terrible KAZOO! Students face off to test their ears on these badly kazooded Christmas Jams!! Do you hear what I hear??? YUP!! a bad rendition of a Christmas song. Laugh and race to see who recognizes the song first!


Doug's note: Hilarious! Quick winner.

This is a silly Christmas time game where students will hear a sound bite of a terrible kazoo player playing a Christmas song. All 25 songs go really fast. Most kids guess in the first 3 notes. we line up boys vs girls and have them slap a bell on the table to ring in...if they get it wrong they lose a point and the other side gets to hear the song again or guess immediately for a point.

This Resource Includes:
• 25 Kazooed tunes in video form (mp4)
• 25 Answer slides (jpg)
• PowerPoint file
• An Answer sheet for the host
• Title and Instruction slides


Anthony Taylor