Mystery Locker Item

Mystery Locker Item

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Students have to guess the mystery locker item! Perfect for back to school.


This is the perfect back to school game for your students! With a couple of variations to meet your group’s needs, this screen-based game gets students laughing by having them guess the pixelated mystery item.

Here's our favorite two ways to play the game:

#1 Head-to-Head: have two students (or groups) face off at the front of the room. Have competing students stand face to face with their hands behind their back. Place a buzzer in front of the competing students on a table or stand. The first student to hit the buzzer guess correctly wins.

#2 Write-it-down: hand every student a pencil and sheet of paper. Scroll through the pixelated slides only. Students have to guess the items and write them down on the sheet of paper. When you’ve completed viewing all of the pixelated images, have students exchange game sheets with another person in the group. After that, show the un-pixelated image and have students mark each other’s sheets. The person with the most correct answers wins!

This Resource Includes:
• Title Slide
• 30 Game Slides (10 items in total with varying degrees of pixelation)


Ken Mcintyre