More Than Words: From Believing to Following

More Than Words: From Believing to Following

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A 6-week small-group curriculum on the ins and outs of being a disciple of Jesus.


Doug Fields said, “This is an UNBELIEVABLE resource. This is the type of product that makes DYM so special. This will make a youth worker look like a hero! 69 pages of content—so much time and effort has gone into this. Wow! Definitely an Editor’s Choice for DYM!”

There is a desperate need for students to read the Bible on their own, put it into practice, and have someone they trust hold them accountable to follow through with what they are learning. Students need to experience what they are studying for true learning to take place. More Than Words will help students create habits that will encourage growth long after they complete the study.

This is a 6-week study that goes through four different disciplines of a growing disciple each week: personal time with God, application, group fellowship, and accountability.

Students will spend three days each week in personal time with God. At the end of each day, there is a section relating the passage they just read with their everyday life. Plus, there are two options for specific application ideas based. On the third day, in the application section, there is a tear-away card for them to fill in a specific action that God is calling them to follow through with.

This Resource Includes:
• 6 weeks of small group curriculum • Title graphic and slide background


Eric Ballard