Misfortune Cookie

Misfortune Cookie

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A screen-based, self-inflicted punishment game for youth pastors to make their students laugh!


Misfortune Cookie is a screen-based entertainment game with the goal of making kids laugh at the adults on stage. Students want to be able to laugh at you…it makes them feel a sense of security knowing that you get embarrassed just like they do. Misfortune cookie promises to do just that…to embarrass you (or a guest speaker, volunteer, senior pastor, etc) in order to create some laughter from the audience and memories for years to come. This game was created with youth pastors in mind. You never need to go further than you feel comfortable but if you are willing to put yourself on the chopping block in this self-inflicted punishment game, your students will laugh and love you all the more for it.

Gameplay Rules:
Your group must pick 1 of the 5 fortune cookies represented on screen. No matter what cookie your group chooses, you are entirely in charge of which “misfortune” is revealed. Once the misfortune has been revealed, the individual on stage must complete that misfortune. Some are bad, some are crazy, some are INSANE.

It is important to know that this game is 100% rigged. We have included 15 different options for you to choose from while playing this game (you will find the misfortunes/descriptions in the included instructions document). Pick whichever misfortune you (or your guest) is most comfortable with and pre-load that misfortune in the computer prior to your event/youth group time.

However, it is important for your students to think that every misfortune is chosen at random.

REMBEMBER: How the game is played isn’t really the purpose behind this game. It’s much more about creating a fun environment where laughter is welcome and connection between the crowd and the stage is encouraged.

This Resource Includes:
• Instructional video (mp4 file)
• Instructions
• Instructions document (pdf file)
• Instructional Video (~4 min, mp4 file)
• 15 Different "Misfortune" videos for you to choose from (mp4 files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Brock Odell


John Lindsey

John is the Creative Director of Student Ministry at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.