Memory Verse Cards

Memory Verse Cards

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Keep your students learning verses that will change their life using this type, save, and print memory verse resource.


We all want our students to learn key Scriptures for series, small groups, for fun, and ultimately so they can call on those verses in times of need and throughout their lives. This memory verse PDF cards help make that easy.

You can make them fast and easy, you can send them to volunteers to make their own, and with three different design versions, you can rotate them to keep them fresh.

The memory verse cards are small so that they can easily go in a pocket, Bible, purse, wallet or inside a phone case.

Easy way to get key verses in to the hands of students.

This Resource Includes:
• Sample PDFS
• Guide on how to use this resource
• Editable Front and back (3 design versions)
• Editable Back (3 design versions)
• Fonts included


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