Memorize It: Emoji Edition

Memorize It: Emoji Edition

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Students are shown a series of images for a short period of time in which they have to memorize the order.


Here’s is another edition to the “Memorize It” game family! If you’ve played this game in another edition, you know how it works and know it will be a hit!

This is a super fun, super easy to play, video-based game that test your student’s memory.

Here’s how it works: students are shown a series of emojis. Students must then memorize the objects in the correct order and repeat them back.

Pro Tip: This game is harder than it looks! To make it easier, leave the items on the screen for 15-20 seconds. If you’re using ProPresenter, to clear the images of the screen just hit “Output” to turn the projection off.

This Resources includes:
• Ten Gameplay Videos
• Title Slide
• 2 Instruction Slides


Ken Mcintyre