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All you need playbook/programming for fun, mayhem-filled group events!


Do you get stuck with having no ideas for fun, mayhem-filled group events? Do you want to build excitement in your ministry that will build community as well as foster growth in your group? Complete event programming is what you will find in Mayhem Events! These events were tested by multiple youth ministries. Each event is fully planned out with play-by-play schedules, games, and budgets.

These events work well for summer programming, hosting one mayhem event each week, but can also be adjusted for the fall and spring seasons, work as stand-alone events, and for any budget.

Events include:
• 'Merica Night
• Luau Night
• 90s Night
• Lumberjack Night
• Summerween Night
• Picnic Night
• Glow Night
• Pajama Night

This Resource Includes:

  • Detail document and schedule for each event (Word files)
  • Budget template for each event (Excel files)
  • Pre-event planning (Word file)
  • Video promo synopses for events (Word file)
  • Game instructions (Word files)
  • Graphics for events and games (jpeg files)


Note from Author

About this Product
Make these events your own. We had all our local friends in youth ministry run this, and the key is to make it work for you! I ALWAYS overschedule in case something flops or goes too quickly, but you don't have to hit everything on the schedule. And you can do these events at ANY time of the year. It is one of the events that our students look forward to the most in the year.

Jakob Kerlin

Jakob is the student ministries pastor at Victory Church Philadelphia. He is a father of 2 who loves (good) music, loves students, loves to prank, and really loves Jesus. His life motto is "if it weren't for Venetian blinds, it'd be curtains for us all!"