Making Announcements Awesome

Making Announcements Awesome

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People like to laugh. Comedy grabs the attention of audiences like nothing else. Advertising agencies spend millions of dollars to create that 30 second spot on television that will make us laugh and hopefully remember their product. There seems to be something about comedy that causes us to pay attention.

Church announcements can often seem boring and ineffective. However, announcements are still necessary for effective promotion of ministry opportunities and events. As long as I have been in ministry, it seems as though placement of announcements during a worship service has never been easy. When announcements are placed at the end of a worship service, it can seem anti-climactic to a meaningful worship experience. On the other hand, announcements made too soon can be forgotten. So, what's our solution? Laughter.

45 Improv Games
We've compiled a listing of 45 improv games that can be used in your youth ministry to spark the memory of your audience. This booklet is all about creating memories for your youth group, not just reminders. The concept is simple, the youth workers who are playing these improv games incorporate the information about their upcoming event into the dialogue of the game. The setting can be at the event, prior to the event, at home, just about anywhere. The characters can be teenagers, youth workers, etc. We've listed the games here, but you can be creative in setting the scenario.

Improv Comedy will help youth workers make announcements that teenagers will actually listen to and remember.
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